A Nice Case for Projects

For projects like the programmable resistor I was looking for a case, preferably made of aluminum and 19″ compatible. In order to save some space on the desk I hoped to find one with a width of 42HP (i. e. half width). What I found was a beautiful case made by ELMA (2 RU, 42HP), called Stylebox 15 Standard.

The only major disadvantages of the specific model I got were the low depth of 245mm and the fact that there are no ventilation slots at all. Fully assembled with the parts provided, that is… ELMA offers a huge variety of variants, so if your pockets are deep and you happen to have your own business, you can pick and choose and configure it the way your project needs it to be. If it’s just a hobby, you might not be as lucky…

Nevertheless, even with the mentioned limitations for my applications it’s a really nice case that I hope to use for a few projects in the future. Here are some pictures of an partially assembled case.

Front – partially assembled
Rear – partially assembled

I should be ready to post a few pictures of a finished project built with this case soon.




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