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  • Agilent 6632B Teardown & Transient Response

    Agilent 6632B Teardown & Transient Response

    The HP/Agilent 6632B is a remarkable power supply. There are some similarities with the mobile communication DC source 66309D I “repaired” recently: The 6632B is optimized for a fast transient response and it has a low current range too. But the circuit and its properties differ significantly. One important aspect: Where the 66309D only has…

  • Agilent 66309D: Repair

    Agilent 66309D: Repair

    A few days ago I got my hands on a faulty Agilent 66309D Mobile Communication DC Source. To be honest, I don’t think I need it, but it was pretty cheap and I was looking for something to either repair or potentially salvage the case of. The Mobile Communication DC Source is a specialized power…

  • Breakout box for Agilent 6611B AC Power Source

    Breakout box for Agilent 6611B AC Power Source

    I got my Agilent 6611B AC power source/analyzer a few weeks back, but hadn’t used it as much as I wanted. The reason was simple: The connections are made with rear mounted screw terminals – hence it was just a bit inconvenient to interface with products and circuits. The solution was really simple: A Hammond…

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