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  • Agilent 66309D: Repair

    Agilent 66309D: Repair

    A few days ago I got my hands on a faulty Agilent 66309D Mobile Communication DC Source. To be honest, I don’t think I need it, but it was pretty cheap and I was looking for something to either repair or potentially salvage the case of. The Mobile Communication DC Source is a specialized power…

  • Logitech M310: Mouse Button Repair

    Logitech M310: Mouse Button Repair

    For some time it became more and more difficult to get a click out of the mouse wheel switch of my old Logitech M310 mouse – inconvenient in programs like KiCAD. I also have a newer and “better” M705 mouse, however, using this one seemed to increase fatigue compared with the old M310. The mouse…

  • Agilent 34401A: Repair

    Agilent 34401A: Repair

    The other day I noticed an issue with one of my Agilent 34401A’s: I measured a constant DC voltage and after a few minutes the measured value would start dropping and become unstable. Then I got curious and checked the two-wire resistance mode. Same story, maybe worse. A word of caution: High voltages found inside…

  • Tektronix 465B: Repair

    Tektronix 465B: Repair

    For engineers analog oscilloscopes are a bit like vinyls and tube amplifiers: Most don’t use them anymore, but if they see one, they think: Nice! And are happy that they don’t have to deal with them on a daily basis 😉 However, I bought a Tektronix 465B with a faulty second channel, just to repair…

  • HP 5328B Universal Counter: Mini Repair

    HP 5328B Universal Counter: Mini Repair

    The HP 5328 series counters are a range of 0 to 100 MHz Universal counter from the 70’s. While fairly similar on the outside, internally the updated B model differs from the A model significantly. The HP 5328B’s build quality impresses still today – even for the front panel they didn’t use plastic back then.…

  • Fluke 175: Repair

    Fluke 175: Repair

    I recently scored two Fluke 175 multimeters that were sold on ebay as a set waiting for repair. According to the seller, the first multimeter was fully functional except for the beeper. The second meter had a strange error rendering it unusable, but came with a working beeper. The sellers suggestion then was to transfer…

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